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  Art Explosion 250,000 MAC Clip Art  

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Details and specifications on: Art Explosion 250,000 MAC, £79.95. 250,000 MAC spectacular royalty-free images . Other quantities also available - see Versions.

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Art Explosion 250,000 MAC box Art Explosion 250,000 MAC. If you’ve used our smaller libraries and are ready to graduate to a higher level of sophistication and selection, you’ve come to the right place. Art Explosion® 250,000 gives you over 250,000 royalty-free images, with more than 60% in colour and 55% vector images.

When you buy Art Explosion 250,000, you know you can trust your most important projects to the recognized leader in quality clip art. You'll see that Art Explosion graphics are professionally illustrated with painstaking attention to detail. Play it safe. If it doesn't say Art Explosion, there's just no being sure.

As if selection and quality weren’t enough, we make finding the perfect image fast and convenient. Now you’ll find your image in no time with our 850-page printed image catalogue, complete with our exclusive Quick-Locator Index. You can also easily view on-screen previews of each and every image. And add graphics to your documents with drag-and-drop simplicity.

See for yourself. Here’s what you’ll get with Art Explosion 250,000:

Guaranteed Easy to Use!

Guaranteed Compatibility!

Guaranteed Value!

Widest Variety of Graphics Available


None Available


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Art Explosion 150,000, £19.95
Art Explosion 200,000, £29.95
Art Explosion 600,000, £59
Art Explosion Seasons, Events and Holidays, £29.95

Art Explosion 750,000 (MAC), £169.95 - On 48 CD-Roms, includes printed 1800 pages Image Catalogue & Canvas 7
Art Explosion 525,000 (MAC), £119.95 - includes printed 1300 pages Image Catalogue & Eye Candy 3
Art Explosion 250,000 (MAC), £79.95 - includes printed 850 pages Image Catalogue & Kai's Photo Soap SE
Art Explosion 125,000 (MAC), £39.95 - includes printed 850 pages Image Catalogue

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