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Reference Software including Microsoft Encarta, Encyclopaedia Britancica etc.

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Brittanica | Collins | Encarta | Focus | Oxford
Product Description Product Code GBP
inc VAT
150 Letters That Get Results 150LET24.99   
Attica Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas of Great Britain AOSAGB19.95   
Birds of Europe BIRDSE9.99   
Mosby's Bodyworks Medical Pack D - Limited availablity, please call MBOMPD   
Classical Music (Focus) FOCCLM9.99   
Collins Dictionary of Quotations CODICQ19.99   
Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus on CD-Rom CEDTCD24.99   
Collins Intense Language Office - English - French CILOFE29.99   
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia CIENCY9.99   
Concise Oxford English Dictionary CODICT9.99   
Corel All Movie Guide CAMOVG4.99   
Daos Music Theory DMUSTH19.99   
DK - Original Chronicle of the 20th Century DKCHRO9.99   
DK - BMA Family Health Encyclopedia - Limited availablity, please call BMAFHE   
DK - Ultimate Human Body 2. Discontinued see Encyclopedia Britannica Presents Human Body below DKUHB2   
Encarta Encyclopedia 99 (limited availability) ENCA999.99   
Encarta Deluxe 2002 ENCARD24.95   
Encarta Premium Suite 2004 DVD ENCP4D69.99   
Encarta Premium Suite 2004 CD ENCP4C29.99   
Encarta Reference Library 2002 ENCARR39.95   
Encarta Reference Library 2003 ENCAR344.95   
Encarta Reference Library 2003 DVD ENCR3D69.95   
Encarta Standard 2002 ENCARS19.95   
Encyclopedia Britannica Deluxe ENCBRD49.99   
Encyclopaedia Britannica 99 ENCB9920.00   
Encyclopaedia Britannica 99 Unboxed ENB99U10.00   
Encyclopedia Britannica 2002 DVD (MAC) ENCMAC69.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica 2003 Deluxe (MAC & PC) ENB03D39.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica 2003 Student (MAC & PC) ENB03S19.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica 2003 Ultimate Reference Suite (MAC & PC) ENB03U49.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica Standard ENCBRS39.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica Presents Human Body ENBPHB9.99   
Encyclopedia Britannica Presents World Religions WORREL9.99   
Feng Shui For You and Your Home FENGSH9.99   
Focus Body Voyage - discontinued. FOCBDV   
Focus Encyclopedia of Great Literature FOCEGL9.99   
Focus Great Artists FOCGRA9.99   
Focus Great Works of Literature FOCGWL9.99   
Focus How Does It Work HOWDOS9.99   
Focus The Hutchinson History Library FOCHHL9.99   
Focus The Hutchinson Reference Suite FOCHRS9.99   
Focus Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas of Great Britain FOSAGB9.99   
Focus Penguin Hutchinson Reference Suite PHREFS9.99   
Focus World War I FOCWW19.99   
Focus World War II FOCWW29.99   
Global Software Publishing Interactive Atlas of the United Kingdom Boxed GSPOSB18.95   
Global Software Publishing All 3 Tests-In-One Driving Test 2006 GSPOSB8.95   
Interactive Encyclopedia of British and European Birds EBIRDS19.99   
Interactive Food Guide FOODGU9.99   
Joanna Hall's Guide to Weight Loss WEIGHT9.99   
Law Pack 301 Legal Forms LFORMS29.99   
MasterCook Two Fat Ladies TWOFAT9.99   
Michelangelo MICHEL19.99   
Bodyworks Medical Pack D - Limited availablity, please call MBOMPD   
Oxford Dictionary of Quotations OXDICQ9.99   
Oxford English Dictionary (MAC) OXDIMA299.99   
Oxford Pop-up English Reference Shelf OXPERS44.99   
Oxford German Duden Dictionary OXFGER49.99   
Oxford Pop-up German Duden Dictionary OXPDGD18.99   
Oxford Hachette French Dictionary OXFFRE49.99   
Oxford Pop-up Hachette French Dictionary OXPHFD18.99   
Oxford Spanish Dictionary OXFSPA49.99   
Oxford Pop-up Spanish Dictionary OXFPSD18.99   
Oxford Thesaurus OXTHES9.99   
Oz Clarke's Wine Guide 2001 - Discontinued see The Ultimate Wine Encyclopedia DVD below OZCLAR9.99   
Shakespeare FOCCWS9.99   
Stroll in 20th Century Art FOCSCA9.99   
Time Almanac of the 20th Century STA20C4.99   
Intuit Tax Calc 2002 TAXCAL29.99   
Ultimate Family Tree FATREE9.99   
Ultimate Wine Encyclopedia DVD GUWINE9.99   
World Library & Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2nd ed.(limited availability) MWLEP29.99   


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