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Jewish Software including Hebrew & Talmud

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Product Description Product Code GBP
inc VAT
Bible Codes 2000. Replaced by TES Bible Codes Plus BIBCODn/a   
BibleWorks BWKSH9269.00   
Davka Alef Bet Adventure DAVABA34.95   
Davka - All About Judaism DAVAAJ19.99   
Davka - Bible Times DAVGBT18.95   
Davka Bible Quiz DAVBIQ19.95   
Davka - Biblical Hebrew BIBHEB69.00   
Davka - Brachot Blastoff DAVBRB17.95   
Davka - Book of Legends DAVBOL39.95   
Davka - Catskills Font CATSKF21.95   
Davka - CD-ROM Bible CDROMB39.00   
Davka - Classic Game Pack II DAVCG219.00   
Davka - Classic Judaica Photo Collection 1 SCJPC129.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection I DGDCD119.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection II DGDCD229.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection III DAVGC329.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe CD Collection IV DAVGC429.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe Original Bundle: CDs I, II, III, and IV DAVGDB89.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe Judaica DAVGRJ18.95   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Deluxe Judaica II DAVGJ218.95   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Israel Photo Collection DGIPHC19.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Jerusalem Photo Collection DGJPHC19.00   
Davka - DavkaGraphics Special Occasions DAVGSO18.95   
Davka - Davkawriter 2001 (limited availability) DAVWRC29.00   
Davka - Davkawriter Platinum 4 (limited availability) DAVWR469.00   
Davka - Davkawriter Platinum 5 DAVWR599.00   
Davka - Davkawriter Platinum 6 DAVWR6139.00   
Davka - Davkawriter Platinum 6 UPGRADE from 2001 DWR6U169.00   
Davka - Davar B'ito - Discontinued DVBITOn/a   
Davka - Decorative Font DVDCFT19.00   
Davka - Dikduk DAVDIK39.00   
Davka - Dikduk 2 DAVDK239.00   
Davka - Doro Tree DAVDOT49.00   
Davka - Ein Yaakov DVENYA49.00   
Davka - Encyclopedia Talmudit ENCTAC199.95   
Davka - Hebrew Font Gallery DAVHFG29.00   
Davka - Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe DVHFGD49.00   
Davka - Heritage: Civilization and the Jews DAVHCJ69.00   
Davka - Israel DAVGRI18.95   
Davka - Israel: A Nation Is Born DIANIB34.99   
Davka - It's About Time DAVIAT29.00   
Davka - Judaic Classics Deluxe Edition DVJCDE59.00   
Davka - Judaic Classics Igros Moshe DVJCIM49.00   
Davka - Judaic Classics Limited Edition DVJCLE29.00   
Davka - Judaic Classics Torah Treasures DAVCTT39.00   
Davka - Judaica Press Complete Tanach with Rashi DJPCTR69.00   
Davka - Keys To The Bible DAVKTB49.00   
Davka - Learn to Learn Chumash DAVLLC29.00   
Davka - Learning to Read Hebrew DAL2RH29.95   
Davka - Legends of the Jews DAVLTJ69.00   
Davka - Leining Master DKLMST29.00   
Davka - Lest We Forget DAVLWF19.00   
Davka - Mellel Hebrew Writer DAVMHW59.00   
Davka - Navigating the Bible II - REPLACED BY World ORT Navigating the Bible II DNTBIIN/A   
Davka - Political Encyclopaedia of the Middle East TESPEM49.99   
Davka - Prayer Practice PDAVPC29.00   
Davka - Shabbos with Shuki DAVSWS22.95   
Davka - Soncino Classics Collection DAVSCC379.00   
Davka - Soncino Midrash Rabbah DAVSMR129.00   
Davka - Soncino Talmud DAVSOT189.00   
Davka - Soncino Zohar DAVSOZ129.00   
Davka - Touch Typing Now DAVTTN29.00   
Davka - Treasure Chest of Jewish Knowledge DTCOJK49.99   
Davka - Triumph of Survival DAVTOS19.99   
Gematralator GEMTRF11.50   
Gemera Tutor GEMTUT20.95   
Hebrew Bible Narrated by Shlomo Bertonov TSHBNR69.00   
I Love Hebrew ILVHEB37.95   
Jerusalem Graphics JERGRP17.95   
Jerusalem Graphics Studio JERGCD37.50   
Jerusalem The Holy City JSMTHC19.99   
Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith - DVD JCAJFD27.50   
Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith - Video JCAJFV23.50   
Kinnor Trope Trainer - Deluxe Edition TPTNDE99.00   
Kinnor Trope Trainer - Megillah Edition TPTMEGN/A   
Kinnor Trope Trainer - Standard Edition TPTSTD79.00   
Legends of the Jews LEGJEW61.10   
Mishnah Berurah MISBER29.00   
Mishnah Berurah - Hebrew/English Version MSBHEE129.00   
Orient Vision Shabbat (Ages 3-6) OVSHAB19.95   
Otzar HaHalacha V'Haminhag II OTHAV2119.00   
Steinsaltz Talmud - Hebrew Edition STEINT179.00   
Stories from the Warsaw Ghetto SWWGHT25.00   
Talmud Tutor Plus TALTUT29.95   
TES - A Deeper Reality TSADRT15.00   
TES - Accent Express TESAEX39.00   
TES - Accent Express Hebrew - English Word-Processing ACCEXP45.00   
TES - Accent Professional Word Processor TESAXP109.99   
TES - Anne Frank House CD TSAPWP35.00   
TES - Artscroll Torah Rhymes & Riddles TSASTR19.99   
TES - Avner & Brachot - Islands of Blessings TSABIB25.00   
TES - Avner Travels in Time - Judah & the Maccabees TSATIT25.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Classic Library TSBICL210.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Classic Library TSBICL210.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Classic Library 13 BICL13527.95   
TES - Bar Ilan Responsa 11 Plus Encyc Talmudit TSBR11400.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Responsa 12 TSBR12400.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Responsa 13 TSBR13400.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Responsa 13 Plus Encyc Talm TSR13E460.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Study Buddy TSBISB52.99   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 7 to 13 TSU713200.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 7 to 13 Plus TS713P250.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 8 to 13 TSU813170.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 8 to 13 Plus TS813P226.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 9 to 13 TS0913145.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 9 to 13 Plus TS913P145.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 10 Plus to 13 Plus TSU10P110.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 10 to 13 TS1013110.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 10 to 13 Plus TS103P175.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 11 Plus to 13 Plus TSU11P90.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 11 to 13 TS111390.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 11 to 13 Plus TS113P130.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 12 Plus to 13 Plus TSU12P60.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 12 to 13 TS121360.00   
TES - Bar Ilan Upg V. 12 to 13 Plus TS123P120.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - B'midbar (Numbers) TSBMTN35.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Bereshit (Genesis) TSBMTG35.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Devarim (Deuteronomy) TSBMTD35.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Kol Kore Ashkenaz TSBMTK110.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Kol Kore Sephard TSBMTS110.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Shemot (Exodus) TSBMTE35.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Vayikra (Leviticus) TSBMTV35.00   
TES - Bar Mitzvah Tutor - All Five Books TSBMT5145.00   
TES - Beit HaMikdash (The Holy Temple) TSBHTH35.00   
TES Bible Codes Plus TSBCDP39.00   
TES - Bible Dictionary & Concordance TSBDCD30.00   
TES - Bible Quiz TSBBQZ25.00   
TES - Bible Scholar TSBSCH70.00   
TES - Bible Scholar Upgrade TSBSCU22.99   
TES - Bible Screensaver TSBSCS17.99   
TES - Dagesh 2000 TESDG299.00   
TES - Dagesh Pro IV TESDGP139.00   
TES - Dagesh Pro OCR TESPCR399.00   
TES - Dagesh-Pro Translator TESDPT69.00   
TES - DBS Master Library TSDBML276.99   
TES - Discover Jerusalem TSDSCJ23.00   
TES - DoroTree 2.0 TSDT2023.00   
TES - Encyclopaedia Judaica TESENJ110.00   
TES - Encyclopedia Judaica for Youth & Family TSEJYF45.99   
TES - Encyclopedia Talmudit complete on CD TSETCD229.99   
TES - Encyclopedia Talmudit Upgrade TSENTU51.99   
TES - Family Bible Rhymes TSFBRY29.99   
TES - Family Bible Stories TSFBST39.00   
TES - Five Books of Moses on Audio CD T5BOMA95.00   
TES - Follow Me...The Six Day War TSFM6W29.99   
TES - Font Studio TESFST46.00   
TES - Font Studio Mac TESFSM46.00   
TES - Hebrew Tutor THEBTU29.00   
TES - Hebrew Graphic Fonts TESHGF35.00   
TES - Insight For Life Mac TSIFLM15.00   
TES - Insight For Life Windows TSIFLW15.00   
TES - Interactive Hagada Mac TSIHGM23.00   
TES - Interactive Hagada Windows TSIHGW23.00   
TES - Israel Images: Bible Fauna TSIIBF35.00   
TES - Israel Images: Holocaust TSIIMH35.00   
TES - Israel Images: Land of the Bible TSIILB35.00   
TES - Israel Images: Modern Israel TSIIMI35.00   
TES - Jerusalem Dictionary TSJMDT46.99   
TES - Jerusalem Puzzle TSJERP17.99   
TES - Jerusalem Screensavers TSJERS17.00   
TES - Jewish Art - Holidays Series II TSJHS222.99   
TES - Jewish Art Library - Holiday Bundle TSJALH75.00   
TES - Jewish Art Library - Holidays I TSJAH140.00   
TES - Jewish Art Library - Holidays II TSJAH240.00   
TES - Jewish Cartoon Clipart TSJCCA17.99   
TES - Jewish Clipart TSJWCA40.99   
TES - Jewish Clipart TSJWCA40.99   
TES - Jewish Clipart - 5,000 Original Images TSJC5K80.99   
TES - Jewish Time TESJWT29.00   
TES - Judaic Bookshelf - Master Library TSJBML148.99   
TES - Let's Keep Kosher TSLKPK22.99   
TES - Ligature Premium OCR TESLPO1039.00   
TES - Master Mishna – Kodshim TSMMKS28.99   
TES - Master Mishna – Moed TSMMMO28.99   
TES - Master Mishna – Nashim TSMMNA28.99   
TES - Master Mishna – Nezikin TSMMNE28.99   
TES - Master Mishna – Tahoros TSMMTH28.99   
TES - Master Mishna – Zeraim TSMMZE28.99   
TES - Master Mishna - Complete Set (also sold separately) TSMMCS137.99   
TES - Mazal Tov Planner TSMZTP28.99   
TES - Megillat Esther TSMEGE22.99   
TES - Mishkan 3D TSMK3D28.99   
TES - Mitzvah Car TSMITC22.99   
TES - Mitzvah Man TSMITM17.99   
TES - Moses in the Land of Egypt TSMTLE17.99   
TES - My Jerusalem Photo Archive TSMJPA28.99   
TES - My Judaic CardShop TSMJCS28.99   
TES - My Siddur Quiz TSMSQZ28.99   
TES - Navigating the Bible II ONTBII59.00   
TES - Nisus Writer 6.5 TESNIW74.99   
TES - Noah's Ark Activity Center TSNAAC17.99   
TES - Parsha Art - Genesis TSPAGN28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Deuteronomy TSPOPD28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Exodus TSPOPE28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Genesis TSPOPG28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Leviticus TSPOPL28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Numbers TSPOPN28.99   
TES - Parsha on Parade - Complete 5 CD Set TSPOCS28.99   
TES - Photos of Israel TSPTSI34.99   
TES - Portrait Of Israel TSPTOI34.99   
TES - Purim Rock TSPRRK22.99   
TES - Rabbi Alpren, Tehillim Series 1-10 TRA11028.99   
TES - Rabbi Alpren, Tehillim Series 11-20 TR112028.99   
TES - Rabbi Alpren, Tehillim Series 21-30 TR213028.99   
TES - Rabbi Alpren, Tehillim Series 31-40 TR314028.99   
TES - Rabbi Alpren, Tehillim Series 4 CD Set TSTWRA99.00   
TES Reading Rashi TESRER29.95   
TES - Real Questions... Real Answers TSRQRA34.99   
TES - Sefer Tehillim (The Book of Psalms) TSTBOP39.00   
TES - Space Arcade 3D TSSA3D22.99   
TES - Succot Artshop TSSCTA22.99   
TES - T.E.S. ARTSHOP - Jewish Cartoons TSASJC34.99   
TES - T.E.S. ARTSHOP - Jewish Holidays TSASJH34.99   
TES - T.E.S. ARTSHOP - Jewish Symbols TSASJS34.99   
TES - T.E.S. ARTSHOP - Kids Clipart TSASKC34.99   
TES - T.E.S. ARTSHOP Bundle TSASBD68.99   
TES - TarguNet TESTUN39.00   
TES - The Israel Museum, Cycles of Jewish Life TSTIMC74.99   
TES - The Jewish New Year CD-Rom TSTJNY17.99   
TES - The Jerusalem Dictionary TESTJD49.00   
TES - Torah Codes 2000 TORCOD34.99   
TES - Torah Gematrias TSTGEM17.99   
TES - Torah Gematrias Mac TSTGMM17.99   
TES - Torah Targets TSTRTG29.99   
TES - Torah Tots Live TSTRTL22.99   
TES - Who Stole Hanukkah? TSWSHK17.99   
TES - Yad Vashem: Return to Life TSYVRL45.99   
TES - Young David TSYNGD17.99   
The Jerusalem Dictionary TJDICT49.00   
World ORT Navigating the Bible II WNTBII59.00   
The World of the Holy Temple TWOTHP29.00   


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