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Details and specifications of ProductSupplier's Encyclopedia Talmudit, 199.95 (GBP inc VAT RRP ). The most complete Encyclopedia of Halachic & Talmudic information on CDROM. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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Encyclopedia Talmudit box ProductSupplier Encyclopedia Talmudit

Nearly forty years of research on a single CD. This is a must have program. It will save you hours of searching on any research project. It will give you instant access to authoritative and accurate information.

Features - Encyclopedia Talmudit complete on CD
Includes Concise accurate information on: All 613 Jewish Laws Customs and Rabbinic Edicts Covers 2000 years of Rabbinic Text Edited to be easy to read and comprehend Search by word Search by Concept Boolean Logic Search Hypertext to margin notes Copy and Paste Text Exportable to Dagesh/Hebrew Publisher All text is in Hebrew Program commands in English Designed by Bar Ilan On Line Help
Reviews - Encyclopedia Talmudit complete on CD
Meir Bar-Ilan (1/1/1998) wrote:
I will start off by saying that my grandfather, Rabbi Meir Bar-Ilan (Berlin) would certainly have been very proud of the product described here. His vision, which started with the idea of gathering the spiritual treasures of the Jewish people in the area of Talmud, and which began to coalesce even during his lifetime (he died Khol haMoed Pesakh 1949), along with the preparation of thousands of filecards, turned into the pages and volumes of the Encyclopedia Talmudit (ET). This encyclopedia has now taken on digital skin and sinews, and is now available for searching on CD-ROM.

Anyone who may have decided that 22 volumes would burden their library shelves (over 2 1/2 linear feet!) too heavily -- ignoring the monetary expenditure -- now has a solution. The entire Torah (or more exactly half of it, midway through the letter Yod) is available on one small CD (containing 300+ megabytes).

For those still mystified, this is a specialized encyclopedia of Jewish Law. Despite the name Talmudic, this encyclopedia is not limited to the Talmud, but deals with and examines, in alphabetical order (following encyclopedic style) all aspects of Jewish Law, from Written and Oral Law to modern legal responsa dealing with electricity on Shabbat, etc. In short: a data base of enormous importance to anyone interested in studying Jewish Law in depth, a contemporary primary source that is an incisive summary of innumerable volumes written over thousands of years.

Yad haRav Herzog, under the leadership of Rabbi J. Hutner, has labored for decades over the preparation of the encyclopedia, and finally has begun to transfer its great treasures to the digital media. The CD was produced by the Bar Ilan University Responsa Project (RP), though this fact is barely mentioned (as an afterthought, it was added to the graphic of the print versions slip cover, which attractively adorns the CD products packaging). That is, while the data base was provided by one source, the search interface and menu system was executed by members of the RP, who won their spurs with the RP CD, v.4. Although not obvious, the search interface and presentation layout are almost completely identical to those of the RP v.4 (aside from improvements in compatibility, to allow loading under Windows 95 in addition to Windows 3.11).

Since the search interface of the RP has already received high marks (see previous issue of PC Media for comparison to its competitors), the user can rely on getting a powerful program that represents long years of experience in production of Judaica databases and CD-ROMs for the Torah market.

This CD shows off the advantages of the digital medium relative to the old and tried book form. There is no way that one could have drawn on all the information hidden in the thousands of pages of the encyclopedia without an appropriate computer program. By treating the encyclopedia as a canonical text and its contents as worthy of a concordance, the CD displays power that cannot be found in print.

The essence of the ET and its value as an enclosed storehouse of Torah and law have been enhanced by the transfer from analog (paper expression of Oral Law) to numeric media. It is now possible to search for specific law, to study and copy from it in a way that has been impossible to date. Objectively, placing the ET on CD-ROM is a new rung in the compilation of the Oral Law, a mountain peak higher than those journeying towards it had imagined. The ET CD has preserved the scent of Torah and the style of the encyclopedia, together with the use of the digital media for information retrieval that had been unavailable till now in the paper medium.

It is probably too much to expect that anyone -- whether otherwise preoccupied or a yeshivah student -- would closely study each of the 22 volumes of the ET. But now it is possible to access the entire Torah (OK, only the portion published to date) while gaining a new understanding of the phrase, Happy is he who arrives with his Talmud in his hand.

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ProductSupplier   Encyclopedia Talmudit   199.95   (RRP )   [ENCTAC]   Buy

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ProductSupplier   Encyclopedia Talmudit   199.95   (RRP )   [ENCTAC]   Buy

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