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  Zip Magic 4.0  

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Details and specifications of Zip Magic 4.0, £Price. Shrink files to up to 95% of their original size, automaticaly freeing up space on your hard drive and dramatically reducing the time spent sending large email attachments. Buy Zip Magic 4.0 now.

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Zip Magic 4.0 box Shrink files up to 95%!

ZipMagic® is the ultimate file compression utility. By shrinking files up to 95%, ZipMagic automatically frees up space on your hard drive and dramatically reduces the time spent sending large email attachments. Easy to use and navigate, ZipMagic allows you to zip, unzip, email, back up and repair zip files, and more!

Use Zip Files without Unzipping Them First!
The magic behind ZipMagic is our patented ZipFoldersō technology. It makes your compressed zip files look and act like regular Windows folders! So instead of launching a separate utility to see what's inside a zip file, just open it like any other Windows folder. And since ZipMagic unzips and zips invisibly in the background, you can open, modify, and save documents within zip files as if they were regular files. You can even run many programs from inside a zip file!

Send Large Email Attachments Faster
Sending a large file to someone? Speed up the process by compressing your file attachments. ZipMagic offers the easiest and most innovative ways to zip and send files.

"Insert Zipped File" option for Outlook Express & Outlook
This unique feature allows you to zip a file at the same time you are attaching it to your email. A special checkbox appears at the bottom of the file attachment window. Once checked, the file is zipped while attaching to the email.

AutoZip for Outlook
The ZipMagic AutoZip feature automatically sends Outlook email attachments zipped without any additional effort. Simply attach the file to your email and as soon as you send it, the file zips. The attachment will also be zipped in your email Sent folder saving valuable space on your hard drive.

Drag-n-Drop Email Zipping
Drag-n-Drop email zipping gives Outlook users another unique option for sending zipped email attachments. Simply drag a file from Windows Explorer into the special ZipMagic Drop Zone, located in the Outlook email message window. Once the file is dropped, it automatically zips and attaches to your email.

Zip&Mail Wizard for Novices
For first time users, the Zip&Mail Wizard provides step-by-step instructions on attaching a zipped file attachment to an email.

Send Encrypted Zip Files with Internet Secure Encryption
Now ZipMagic offers you strong DES 56-bit encryption for files and email attachments that require a high level of security.

Create Self Extracting Archives
Create zip files that can unzip themselves. Perfect for sending to friends who don't have a zip utility.

View Over 200 File Types without Opening Their Applications
ZipMagic has integrated viewers that can preview over 200 different file types without unzipping, and without opening a different application.

Open Zip and Non-Zip Compression Files
Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a download only to find out its compressed in a "mystery" format your zip utility can't open. No problem - ZipMagic allows you to open and view over 200 file types including ARC, ARK, ARJ, CAB, DWC, GZ, LZH/LHA, PAK, TAR, RAR, Z, and ZOO.

Help Wizards Guide the Way
Not sure what to do with zip files, or how to compress large files? ZipMagic's special wizards guide you through the process of zipping, unzipping, backing up, repairing, and emailing zip files. There is even a special wizard for creating a self-extracting zip file, too.

Install Extra Virus Protection to Scan Zipped Files
ZipMagic provides you with an extra layer of virus protection. Simply configure ZipMagic to work with your anti-virus program and scan every zipped file before you open it.

Easily Back up Zip Files
The Zip&Backup Wizard makes it easy to zip and back up your data to removable disks or another hard drive. Simply select the files you want to back up and their destination, and then save the backup settings for next time.

Automatic Disk Spanning
ZipMagic can automatically span very large zip files over multiple diskettes.

Create Comments for Zip Files
Want to make a comment for you or someone else to read? ZipMagic allows you to create and view comments from ZipMagic or Windows Explorer file Properties page.

Seamless Integration with Windows Explorer
Integrated into Windows Explorer, ZipMagic treats zip files like standard Windows folders. Simply add ".ZIP" to a folder's name and ZipMagic automatically compresses everything inside. To instantly unzip, just remove the ".ZIP" extension. And if you want more zip options at your fingertips, ZipMagic's most popular features are integrated right into Windows Explorer's file menus!

Seeing is believing!
Only ZipMagic makes your Zip files look and act like regular Windows folders. We're so sure you'll love ZipMagic 4, we offer an unconditional, 30-day refund policy. Or try out the ZipMagic 4.0 evaluation version - free for 30 days! You have nothing to lose but your Zip hassles!


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Zip Magic 4.0, £Price, Buy

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Zip Magic 4.0, £Price, Buy.

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