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  The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection  

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Details and specifications of The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection, 24.95. Features the 32 volume An Exposition of the Sriptures by Alexander MacClaren, who bought together over 4,000 sermons preached over a 65-year period. also includes works by Calvin, Augustine, Chrysostom, Edwards, Finney, and Pink etc...

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The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection boxFeaturing An Exposition of the Scriptures by Alexander MacClaren (1827-1910)

AGES Software is pleased to present The Whole Bible Sermon Collection. Over 4000 sermons are included on this incredible resource, on virtually every Biblical and theological subject. With over 75 years worth of material, this collection is a must for any pastor or Bible student. The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection features the 32 volume An Exposition of the Scriptures by Alexander MacClaren, released in an electronic format for the first time. MacClaren developed his Exposition by bringing together over 65 years of his sermons preached as a minister in the 19th century.

AGES Software has complemented MacClaren's Exposition with sermons from other classic Bible expositors such as Augustin, Chryostom, Calvin, Spurgeon, Owen, Pink, Moody and Wesley.

The sermons are arranged in Biblical order compete with their titles, for the most convenient and efficient use. AGES Software has gone to great lengths to ensure that most Biblical and theological subjects have works from multiple authors, to better assist the student with their study or the pastor with their preparation.

The Whole Bible Sermon Collection designed to leave no Biblical jewel undiscovered, will give today's bible student enough material to last a lifetime. AGES Software is pleased to be able to present this collection for the most affordable price possible. Similar hard-copy collections can cost well over 300$, and for under a half a penny per sermon, countless hours of sermons study and preparation can be saved.

Also Contains:

  • John Calvin: Lectures on Jeremiah - Malachi
  • St. Augustine: Homilies on Psalms, John and 1 John
  • John Chrysostom: Homilies on Matthew, and Galatians-Thessalonians
  • Jonathan Edwards: Sermons on various subjects (2 volumes)
  • Charles Finney: The Finney Sermon Collection
  • John Flavel: The Fountain of Life
  • Dwight Moody: 12 Select Sermons
  • John Owen: Sermon Collection (2 volumes)
  • Arthur Pink: Gleanings from Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, David, and Paul
  • Charles Spurgeon: Sermon Collection (10 Volumes)
  • John Wesley: Sermon Collection (3 Volumes)
  • John Whitefield: 59 Sermons


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    The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection, 24.95

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    Master Christian Library, from 33
    Ultimate Christian Library, 234.95


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  • Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP
  • IBM PC Compatible
  • 486 or higher processor
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  • Mac:

    version 7.5.5 or later (8.6 or above recommended)


  • IBM PC Comaptible
  • 32 MB of available RAM
  • 12 MB of available hard-disk space

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    The Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection, 24.95

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