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  Serif PhotoPlus 8  

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Details and specifications of Serif's PhotoPlus 8, £69; Resource CD, £29;   Buy both together, £79. Warp, deform, manipulate and redesign! This powerful program is all about control!

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PhotoPlus 8 boxEditable QuickShapes Easy to create, easy to change! Simply drag sliders to morph chevrons, hearts, badges, teardrops, moons, zigzags, and many more... apply layer effects and gradient fills... and edit any shape at any time.

Browse Image Files and Folders
The built-in Image Browser rapidly displays image thumbnails- a folder at a time-so you can preview clip art or saved work and inspect file details in a convenient, Explorer-style interface.

Unique Selection Options
PhotoPlus goes well beyond the basic rectangle and lasso tools, adding more than a dozen completely customizable selection shapes like polygons, spirals, and stars. Or define a selection shaped like text—using any font and style! Advanced options let you fine-tune the selection and its properties for smoother blends and precise effects.

Stamp and Spray
Use Picture Brushes to lay down colorful arrays of single or multiple mini-images: realistic machine cogs, colorful tubes, falling leaves, flowers, jelly beans, jewels, raindrops, marbles, planets, and more...

Powerful Image Export Optimizer
The Export Optimizer lets you see how your image will look (and how much space it will take up) before you save it! Its multi-window display provides side-by-side WYSIWYG previews of image quality at various output settings, so you can make the best choice every time.

Web Animation Tools
It's easy and fun to create or edit animations for the Web. You can import and export animated GIFs, apply special effects, even let PhotoPlus create entire animations for you automatically.

Editable Text
Add formatted color text to an image, reposition and scale it, integrate it with your design. Text layers keep the contents separate so you can go back and alter the words or formatting at any time!

Special Erase Options
Need to remove that blue sky and leave the clouds? Use the Flood Eraser to fill the blue regions with transparency. Want to isolate a shape from a flat color background? The Background Eraser samples pixels under the brush, so only unwanted colors drop out.

Image Enhancement
Apply professional, darkroom-style color and histogram adjustments to your images. Employ the Blur and Sharpen tools to enhance or reduce local detail... blend multiple layers more cleanly. There's even a dedicated tool for removing "red eye" from flash photos.

Special Effects, Image Correction Filters
A wild and whimsical assortment for instant creativity! Powerful image correction functions for fingertip control over tones and colors. Add Shadow, Bevel, Emboss layer effects for a sophisticated 3D look on text or other image elements. PhotoPlus supports third-party Photoshop® plug-ins, and even lets you design your own custom filters.

Editable Adjustment Layers
Not only apply color corrections and special effects, but store each change on a separate layer. To fine-tune any adjustment later, just click its layer and change the settings!

Versatile Deform and Warp Tools
"Swiss Army Knife" of image tools, Deform lets you rotate, resize, skew, reshape, or add perspective to any selection or layer. Warp tools pull, stretch, and distort image details, or shrink and enlarge. Pixels turn to putty with the Mesh Warp tool! Use a customizable grid of points and lines to bend images with precision.

Gradient Fills
Take your pick of radial, linear, conical, or square fills—perfect for masking, to hide or reveal parts of your photo using smooth graduated blends to transparency. (Of course, there's standard flood fill as well.)

Image Slicing and Image Maps
Now it's not just the pros who can use these techniques to add links to Web graphics! Simply click to divide images into segments—each with its own hyperlink and popup text—or add hotspots to specific regions. PhotoPlus outputs the HTML code and lets you preview the results directly in your Web browser.

Advanced Tools and Features
Built-in support for most pressure-sensitive graphics tablets. RGB, CMYK, HSV, and Grayscale color modes. Robust and convenient layer management with pop-up preview and masking support.

Professional Output Options
Output using CMYK separations or print directly to your desktop printer with powerful controls. Include registration marks, crop marks, file information, grayscale and color bars, and tile or scale your output if required.

Productive MDI Interface
Open and view multiple images and edit them simultaneously. Dockable, floating tab windows work in conjunction with convenient toolbars. The Navigator and Layer Manager provide full control over all regions and planes. Each document stores a massive Undo range with dynamic memory and disk management, compressing information for optimized performance. And PhotoPlus remembers your preferred export settings, so your creative flow is undisturbed.

Give your PhotoPlus 8 a real boost with the amazing Resource CD. Bursting with additional Instant Effects, Fills, Picture Brushes, Tutorials, Photo Objects and Outstanding Artwork, the sensational Resource CD is the perfect complement to PhotoPlus 8.

Instant Effects
The amazing Resource CD contains additional stunning new Instant Effects - spice up all your work in seconds.

Picture Brushes
Instant design magic - create dramatic effects to enliven any image with the fantastically easy-to-use Picture Brushes. And there are loads of extra brushes on the Resource CD!

Photo Objects
The highest-quality Clipart around, with fantastic quality and built-in transparency, Photo Objects are a superb complement to PhotoPlus and many other applications... Additional Designer Fills With a stunning range of extra professionally-created fills, including Radial, Conical, Square, Linear and Gradient fill types, it's never been easier to create dazzling filled objects. These fantastic fills can be applied to almost any object you desire, to create superb high-impact designs.

Exclusive Tutorials
This superb collection of professionally-authored multimedia tutorials created specifically for PhotoPlus 8 will guide you through using PhotoPlus' new features to achieve the very best results in minutes.

Creative Artwork
Outstanding examples of the dramatic artistic quality you can achieve with PhotoPlus 8, this collection of professionally-designed images provides limitless inspiration. With Web buttons & banners, photo frames, logos, conceptual artwork and fun stuff, you'll never be stuck for design ideas again!


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PhotoPlus 8, £69

Compare also:
Ulead Photoimpact 7, from £39
Ulead Photoimpact 8, from £49
Adobe Photoshop 7, from £135
Photo Explosion , £49.95
PhotoImpact 6

Many users may have a copy of PhotoImpact 3 SE bundled with their scanner, camera or computer and will be eligible for upgrade pricing


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  • IBM compatible Pentium PC with CD-ROM drive and mouse (or other Microsoft compatible pointing device)
  • Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, or Windows NT® 4.0 or later operating system
  • 32MB RAM (Windows 95/98), see manufacturer's requirements for other operating systems
  • 40MB (recommended install) free hard disk space
  • SVGA display (800x600 resolution, 16-bit color or higher)
  • Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large or complex documents

  • Optional

  • Windows-compatible printer
  • TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera
  • Stylus or other input device, including pressure sensitive pen
  • Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources

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    PhotoPlus 8, £69
    PhotoPlus 8 Resource CD, £29
    PhotoPlus 8 & Resource CD, £79

    PhotoPlus 6, £29

    PhotoPlus 7, £49
    PhotoPlus 7 Resource CD, £29
    PhotoPlus 7 & Resource CD, £59

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