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Details and specifications on: Norton SystemWorks , 59.95 or less. Industry standard powerful automated antivirus checker, system optimizer, cleaning & recovery.

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Norton SystemWorks box Norton SystemWorks
Norton SystemWorks includes Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Utilities , Norton Crashguard and Norton Cleansweep.

Computer viruses are self-replicating programs that cause mischief and even physical damage. They travel on the Internet and on shared disks. Although often hyped, especially by companies that offer solutions, they are real; and if you spend a lot of time downloading Internet files, you should have protection.

Norton Utilities includes several handy tools. There's an unerase function, a disk optimizer, a utility for cleaning up disk space, a crash-recovery and prevention module, and ''doctors'' for both Windows and the hard disk.

Crashguard offers a parachute when Windows practices its annoying habit of shutting down programs it deems to be operating illegally and losing your work in the process. With Crashguard running, you can terminate the application and save your work.

The doctors diagnose and fix problems, keeping you informed in the process. Because Windows is so complex internally, installing and uninstalling plenty of software can cause a mess. A doctor usually can rescue you on its own; when it can't, it refers you to one that can.

The Cleansweep utility tackles your hard drive and helps you remove unwanted cookies, plug-ins and outdated files. It also keeps track of everything that's installed to the drive so that it can be uninstalled properly and completely -- something Windows' add/remove programs and individual software installations sometimes don't do.

One of the nicest features of the package for novices is a dictionary available in the Help file. It translates any highlighted term from Technobabble into English. If you can't distinguish UART from a Yugo, it'll be a friend indeed.

The package also includes Norton Web Services, a site for software patches and product updates aimed at the business user. Patches are software fixes that update an original product shipped with a shortcoming.


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Norton SystemWorks , 59.95 or less

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Windows 95/98
486/66 or higher processor
16 megabytes of RAM
105 megabytes of free hard disk


Norton SystemWorks, 59.95 or less

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