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  MindGenius 5 Business mind mapping software  

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        Details and specifications of Gael/MindGenius's Mind Genius 5, 177.00 (GBP inc VAT RRP ). Optimise what you learn, think and do with this productivity accelerator. MindGenius mind mapping software can capture, visualize and use the information within your business. [Buy] Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Office, iPad compatible MindGenius now or call us on 0844 808 3699

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MindGenius Business box Gael/MindGenius Mind Genius Business 5    

MindGenius was designed specifically to meet the needs of business users.

The Key and Unique features of the application that support the delivery of the business processes that you face every day are listed below.

Map Creation and Navigation

Create a new blank map or select a template from one of the categories available in the Templates Pane; Brainstorming, Strategy planning, Project management, Personal productivity, etc.

Use different Map Layouts depending on the task; The Map Explorer is unique to MindGenius and facilitates the navigation of large maps allowing you to move quickly between the high level and detailed views of a project without having to create a series of linked maps.

The main application window is where you build your maps; use different layouts, Expand & Collapse branches, Zoom slider, Auto Zoom, Display Levels, Pan Mode and Full screen view to navigate your information.


Select a Brainstorming template and capture ideas directly into the map OR use the dedicated Brainstorming mode to capture free flowing ideas.

Use Type & Return, the ability to just start typing then hit the return key is simple, unique and the quickest most unobtrusive way to capture information. (Ability to add; Child, Sibling and Parent branches).

Unique to MindGenius, Question Sets provide a framework for brainstorming, problem solving, strategy, planning, requirements gathering, meetings, customer facing sessions, etc. (Select from a list of default question sets or create your own)

Use the Timer to manage Brainstorming sessions and keep meetings and presentations on track.

Automatically create Question Centric maps and Category Centric maps on exit from Brainstorming.


Use predefined categories (or create your own) to quickly analyze and understand your gathered information.

Use the Category Dropper to quickly apply categories to the map branches. Turn your map information inside out by automatically creating a Category Map (affinity diagram) based on the applied map categories.

Use Data Sort & Map Filters to analyze and view only the relevant information.

Quick filter – One click filtering of currently used categories, Advanced query builder for more complex queries and hide non matching branches to produce clear results.

Task Management

Record task properties and manage to-do lists and projects to completion within the map. (Track; Start date, Due Date, Priority, Status, Duration, etc.)

Use Task Cards to Pin the details of tasks in view and quickly identify due and overdue actions.

Import Resources from MS Outlook to the Resource Gallery, no need to re-enter names and email addresses. Use the Resource Dropper to quickly apply resources to the map branches

Distribute actions in a map directly to MS Outlook inboxes and automatically synchronize with MS Outlook when tasks are updated in either application.

Create Resource maps to get clarity on a project and automatically generate personalized task lists.

Add Cost and Quantity data then Export to Excel.

Use Quick Filters and Advanced Query builder to see the project status and manage tasks within the map environment.

Project Management

Use the Integrated Gantt View for Project Management capability within MindGenius without the need to export to other applications.

Comment and Review

Share maps with colleagues and track and review their changes and comments. Encouraging greater collaboration on projects, document authoring, brainstorming and meetings

Presentation Mode

Map and Branch Styles

Branch Properties

Microsoft Office Integration

Additional Exports

Please Email or Call 0844 808 3699 to enquire about site licenses, network versions, bulk discounts or educational pricing.

[Buy now] or call us on 0844 808 3699

Manufacturer's Product Code: Gael - BMSoftware Product Code: GMGBUS


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Mind Mapping
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Project Management


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We are sorry but no free, or trial versions are available for this software title. We can supply a download and/or backup CD/DVD option for this software. The default option is download unless you choose the on disk option above.


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Gael   MindGenius Business   177.00   (RRP )   [MGEN5D]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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Gael   MindGenius 5 Business Download   177.00   (RRP )   [MGEN5D]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699
Gael   MindGenius 5 Business Disk   189.00   (RRP )   [MGEN5C]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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