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  Focus RedShift 6 Premium - astronomy software  

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        Details and specifications of Focus's RedShift 6 Premium, 49.00 (GBP inc VAT RRP 99.99). Designed for the experienced astronomy enthusiast and containing up to date technology including telescope control. Stunning deep sky photography based on the latest discoveries and established star catalogues. Advanced tracking and visualization tools, chart thousands of asteroids, comets and even meteor showers, complete guide to the night skies. Buy or call us on 0844 808 3699. See other astronomy software or products from Focus.

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RedShift 6 Premium box Focus RedShift 6 Premium  

Telescope Control

RedShift 6 controls most popular brands of robotic telescopes and all ASCOM compliant telescopes. Target your telescope at any object in the sky to see how it looks in reality, or if you find and observe a mysterious object in the heavens and wonder what it is, just ask RedShift to reproduce your telescope view and show you everything about your target. Ideal for your in-the-field observation!

Access To The Online Google Map

Along with an updated map of the Earth included in RedShift you also have access to the online Google map and can view anywhere on the planet in more detail.

Access To Online Digitised Sky Surveys

Download a digitized image of any selected region of the heavens to compare the virtual sky in RedShift to a real photo.

Macro Recoder

You can create your very own Guided Tours by using the Macro Recorder tool. You can also add various multimedia files to your tour like photos and music, or just your comments about the scenario as it is played.

3D-Flight And Joystick Control

Now you can smoothly fly among the planets and stars on the RedShift sky in a special 3D-flight mode and study celestial bodies from a close distance. You can also use a joystick to control your 3D-flight and other actions in RedShift.

Authoritative Content From Top Astronomers

Sky Diary

A powerful feature of RedShift 6. It will allow you not only to calculate events for thousands of years, but instantly visualise them.

Eclipse Maps

Eclipse maps provide astronomers with an accurate calculation of the solar eclipse paths on the Earth's surface.

Live Update Option

Download new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids from the latest object databases on the Internet into the main RedShift database.

Panoramic Horizon

RedShift 6 includes a number of panoramic horizons. You can set either City view or Mountains, Ocean or Village as a panorama around you.

Numerical Intregration

The numerical integration engine calculates the exact motion of comets and asteroids with all the essential gravitating masses in the solar system. You can even simulate the famous impact of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet with Jupiter!

New And Updated Video & Photo Galleries

The Video and Photos Galleries show dozens of real movies and animations as well as hundreds of photos devoted to space and astronomy.

Updated and Improved Database

Includes some 20 million stars, the exciting view of the Milky Way in different wavelengths, 1 million deep sky objects, over 125,000 asteroids and over 1,800 comets.

Additional Features:

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Focus RedShift 6 Premium     or see similar astronomy software or other focus products.

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Focus   RedShift 6 Premium   49.00   (RRP 99.99)   [FRS6PM]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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RedShift 6 Premium Support
BMSoftware technical support for Focus RedShift 6 Premium

Alternatively email support or phone 0871 560 3699 (calls cost no more than 10p/minute within the UK)


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Focus   RedShift 6 Premium   49.00   (RRP 99.99)   [FRS6PM]   Buy or Phone 0844 808 3699

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Whilst we are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK we can ship most items internationally.

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