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  Datawatch Monarch V8 Standard  

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Details and specifications of Datawatch's Monarch V8 Standard, 446.50 (GBP inc VAT RRP ). The No.1 Report Mining and Data Analysis Tool. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699

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Monarch V8 Standard box Datawatch Monarch V8 Standard

Monarch is Windows-based "Report Mining" software that easily extracts data from existing reports produced by any information system, along with easy data analysis, graphing, and exporting of data to other applications such as Excel and Access.

Unlike other solutions to access and analyze business data, Monarch requires no programming skills and no assistance from the IT department. Monarch empowers anyone in the organization to access and work with needed data, not just a select group of "power users" with advanced technology skills.

Keep the data, lose the paper
Managers, analysts, auditors, accountants and staff workers often find it difficult to get the timely, accurate data they need. They might struggle with a complex report writer or business intelligence tool to pull data from raw corporate databases themselves, or wait for the IT department to build custom reports for them. Such delays to get at needed data cause endless frustration, missed deadlines and lost business opportunities.

To avoid such delays, managers and workers often print and flip through thick paper reports run from their ERP system, HR/payroll system, banking, healthcare or government information system, or mainframe system. They then often rekey report data into a spreadsheet or database for analysis.

Our new customers often tell us, "All of the data I need is buried somewhere in my paper reports. If only there was some easy way to get at it." That "easy way" is Monarch. Monarch lets you keep the data and lose the paper!

Monarch transforms your existing reports into live, actionable data. This data can be sorted, filtered, supplemented with new calculations, summarized, exported to Excel, Access, etc., all without programming and without help from the IT department.


What's New in Monarch Version 8 Standard Edition
Monarch Version 8 is filled with exciting new features to help you work faster and smarter with reports and data than ever before! Monarch Pro also mines data from PDFs, databases and more!
Monarch Pro adds the additional capability of mining data from PDF files, plus importing and combining data from virtually any corporate database, spreadsheet, desktop database, HTML files and other data sources. Monarch Pro lets you combine report data with database data; create multiple "lookups" of data, and more!

Virtually any report used in your organization can be brought alive in Monarch. These files are commonly known as print files, spool files, TXT files, formatted ASCII files, etc. Monarch Pro can also access data from XLS, MDB, DB, DBF, WKx, delimited text and HTML files, as well as any ODBC-compliant data source, including SQL Server and Oracle.

Please Email or Call 0870 360 3699 to enquire about site licenses, network versions, bulk discounts or educational pricing.

[Buy now] or call us on 0870 360 3699

Manufacturer's Product Code: Datawatch - BMSoftware Product Code: MONA8S


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Datawatch   Monarch V8 Standard   446.50   (RRP )   [MONA8S]   Buy or Phone 0870 360 3699

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Datawatch   Monarch V8 Standard   446.50   (RRP )   [MONA8S]   Buy or Phone 0870 360 3699

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