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  Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control  

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Details and specifications of Alohabob's PC Relocator Ultra Control, £59 (GBP inc VAT RRP £59.99). PC Relocator Ultra Control will automatically transfer entire programs, preferences and documents to a new computer. You’ll be up and running in no time. [Buy now] or call us on 0870 766 3699

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PC Relocator Ultra Control box Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control

Selectively transfer the programs, files, e-mails, shortcuts, games, mp3's, photos, bookmarks you choose to a new PC. Or save to removable media for backup protection.
Packaged with it's own USB data transfer cable, Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control is the most complete PC migration tool available today.

2005 Edition - New Features!

PC Relocator Ultra Control offers 5 new features to make your upgrade even easier and more reliable.

Automatically establishes a connection between your two PCs. A handy wizard shows you the cables and connections, and helps you along the way.

SmartPicks If you like simplicity, then use SmartPicks to easily filter and find common items like e-mail messages, pictures, home videos, music, and more.
SmartRating Not sure it’s safe to move a particular program? SmartRating aides you in your selection process. Programs that are safe to migrate are flagged in green for easy identification.
SmartShield Automatically prevents the transfer of many potentially harmful programs and spyware to your new PC.
SmartRank If you are looking for more control over what’s transferred, then use SmartRank to quickly find, sort, and identify important files and folders on your computer using a five-star ranking system.
SmartSearch If you need to transfer a specific file, SmartSearch offers an intuitive way to locate any particular file or folder on your PC and automatically add it to your migration.

Complete your PC Upgrade (included)
Backup Protection: PC Backup Lite Easily protect your e-mails, photos, wallpaper, music, financial information, internet favorites and much more, as often as needed. Save backups directly to CDs, DVDs and other high capacity storage media using an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
Privacy Protection: Blancco Data Cleaner Before recycling or donating your old PC, you can securely erase all data from your old PC. Prevent identity theft and ensure that all passwords, financial information and other confidential data is wiped clean from the old machine before passing it along - completely and permanently.

It's Flexible!
Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control offers the ability to select specific items to transfer - including applications! You can also choose where to move those items to on your new computer. Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control painlessly migrates: Not sure it's safe to move something? We help you out with that too! The Alohabob wizard interface includes a rating, which warns against the migration of any application that could cause potential conflicts with the newer operating system.

It's Safe!
Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control leaves your old PC completely unchanged after the relocation and also includes a simple undo function. Should you not be satisfied with your new PC after the relocation, you can restore it to the original state in one simple step.
It's Quick!
Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control migrates applications, files and settings between two computers in just a fraction of the time it would take to manually perform the process. Gone are the days of manually reinstalling applications, transferring data files and reconfiguring your preferences. Once you tell Alohabob PC Relocator what to do you can leave and let it do its thing. Once it is finished, your new PC will look and feel just like your favorite old computer - but better!

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: APCRUC


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Alohabob   PC Relocator Ultra Control   £59   (RRP £59.99)   [APCRUC]   Buy
Alohabob   PC Relocator   £39   (RRP £39.99)   [APCREL]   Buy

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Alohabob   PC Relocator Ultra Control   £59   (RRP £59.99)   [APCRUC]   Buy

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